Preparing for 2021 lockdowns and medical supplies

We all know that this year is no different from last year.  The fact is that we have all seen the lies that have been spouted about COVID-19 from the CDC and our own local governments.  The truth is that with the totalitarian rules in place we are not able to do a thing about it.  The year is indeed now 2021 and I never would have imagined that living in this day and age would mean legitimate hardships for common citizens of the United States of America.  Our economy is crashed and millions are out of jobs and it is all for the sake a virus that is 99% survivable.  Not even the flue is that survivable.  We have all been subjected to experiences that never would have been dreamed possible just a few years ago.  But now the reality is here and understand that the perfect economy and delivery systems are not always going to be around.  In fact, those of us who don’t live near places where natural disasters can happen has been subjected to conditions that are in ways similar.  

Really now we know that having extra medical supplies is a must.  We have seen cities shut down from riots that are egged on by governors and no one goes to jail.  Billions in damages and murders and lawlessness but no news covers it and all videos are instantly taken off the internet.  It is totalitarianism to the max in the United States.  The sad thing is that if you have had an ostomy and legitimately need medical supplies on a daily basis then it is imperative that you are able to have them and get them when needed.  But when the economy shuts down, we have found that it can happen not only for a pandemic but also for riots and violence.  No more time to be nieve, get what you need to live happily. 

Most of our ostomy gear is made overseas.  In fact, most of it is from China. The studies have shown that as much as up to 90% of our medical supplies are imported from China and that number is staggering.  It goes to show that the majority of our health-giving items and drugs could disappear if economic ties were lost or pandemics limited the import of such supplies. This means mass suffering and death could come from such a situation and we have seen the supply chain stop before and we must be ready for it to happen again.

Supplies stopped for a time and it is most likely going to happen again.  The chaos and riots that have swept the nation have caused many truck drivers to stop delivering to some major cities.   It was sad to see that the truckers were attacked and all their supplies stolen and looted with no repercussions.  It was literally like watching a mad max movie in real life.  So like any logical human being, the truck drivers stopped showing up.  This shutdown the majority of supplies for some major cities. This means that you may need to have an extra store of ostomy supplies on hand for your own health and safety because you may not get any more if this happens. 

Don’t count on anyone to save you.  There is no government help unless they can control you.  So get the gear you need and be prepared for the worst.

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