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Using Protective Gear for Your Stoma

The weather is starting to change and that means that people have begun planning their fun times of the year.  We are all excited to travel more with COVID-19 basically becoming a farce overnight.  It amazing how no one went to jail for all the lies either.  But I digress and the fact is that we are all going to cope with a nice vacation and that goes twice if you live in a communist state in the United States.  So I am taking myself and my stoma just like the majority of Americans who due to Covid-19 you have most likely been stuck inside way more than normal.  But soon we will be free of our stay-at-home orders and ready to get out and look good.  So what if you have an ostomy?  Does that mean you shouldn’t look good or should stop being fashionable? Absolutely, not! Crank up the jams and get fit.  This is the time to work it and you don’t have to be stuck using baggy clothes.  Now being summer you may find that you are much more active than normal and in that case, there are some good things you can do to stay safe, stay happy, and look good at the same time.  

Being protected is important to me and also part of my look.  So get a stoma guard for any hard times and a nice belt.  No joke, it’s a solid tip and I like to tell people that  I like to give for summer is to try a belt.  We all use belts, but I am talking about a different kind of belt. Since active levels go up having your ostomy gear stay in place can be more important than normal.  No one wants a leak, especially you!  So getting an ostomy bag that has some loops and an elastic belt that is made for it can keep everything a little more snug and free from swinging.  I found mine at ConvaTec Ostomy Supplies and was able to try it for free.  That was a big deal to me because I don’t like to waste money. 

So what was the hardest part about the whole idea of it? Well honestly asking the questions can be a bit hard especially when you are doing it for fashion.  Calling up a big ostomy manufacturer simply sounds silly when you have fashion in mind.  But fear not so do they.  They were right in it with me and I think loved the call more than I did when I got my free belt set up.  So now I am able to get out in the summer and be free so to speak.  It really allows me more movement and less printing on clothes.  For printing is what annoys me the most and I don’t want to always wear baggy clothing.  It is summer after all and I have been working on my body even with the pandemic binge eating! 

Don’t be afraid or have less fun and this summer give a belt a try.  It may not be the right item for you, but it may just be the right amount of tension that keeps you from having a bad time.  Call up your doctor for more information, or talk to your local pharmacist as well.