What is Ileo-Anal Reservoir or J-Pouch? – Its Procedure

When a person is discovered with an intestinal disease, it needs surgery. Sometimes, when the infection or injury is not much serious, it can be treated with medicines. However, in severe cases, patients require operation and a new organ in the body. For every specific disease, there is special treatment and surgery. For the large intestine or colon and rectum, there is a colostomy. For the small intestine, there is ileostomy, and for bladder and kidney-related blockages, cancer, and diseases, there is urostomy.

The Procedure of Ileo-Anal Reservoir or J-Pouch

Well, during the surgery of ostomy, doctors will have to remove the infected part of the intestines and bladder. Thus, they need a new organ to release the waste of the body. This new part appears in the abdomen of a patient, called a stoma. It has a few tools to cover it, protect it, and collect the stool or urine that comes out from this opening. Every disease needs a special and specific removal of the intestinal section. In some cases, surgeons eliminate the entire colon and bring an end of the ileum to the abdominal hole. So, the feces comes out through the stoma without going through the process of the large intestine or colon. In this situation, the solid stool does not touch the colon and cannot go to the anus, this is ileostomy. The waste material comes out in the form of thick or thin liquid. As the stool does not pass under the colon procedure; therefore, it cannot get into solid form like normal feces. Moreover, sometimes, a patient does not need a stoma or opening on the outer side of the belly. They do not need an external ostomy pouching system to collect the stool. In this condition, surgeons have to fabricate a pouch in the ileum or small intestine. The bag can be in J, W, S shape. The process of the collection of the stool will be the same. The small intestine will pass the waste material of the body to the J, S, or W shape pouch. It will store the stool until the next movement of the bowel. And, it directly goes to the anus for excretion. Yes, the waste material will eject through the natural anal canal. This procedure is called a J-Pouch or Ileo-anal reservoir.

Why You Need J-Pouch or Ileo-Anal Reservior Surgery?

The digestive patients who have ulcerative colitis (UC) or familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) require the J-Pouch or Ileo-anal reservoir operation. Well, this is an optional procedure for the ileostomy. Not every UC or FAP patients need J-pouching surgery. For the fabrication of the internal bag in the small intestine of the patients need multiple incisions. Moreover, in very few cases, a doctor will suggest you ileoanal reservoir procedure. It will demand a few adjustments in the lifestyle. Moreover, a person needs a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve months to adapt to the change in the digestive tracks. A patient needs internal motivation, strength, and emotional balance to control the situations and adjust quickly.

Well, the J-Pouch or Ileoanal reservoir is not appropriate surgery for the persons who have a poor digestive function and slow functioning anal sphincters. Patients who have a chronic disease or ulcerative colitis cannot bear the internal pouch in every case. Thus, there are few conditions in which an intestinal patient can go through the IAR operation. It is your doctor who can suggest you the treatment according to the functioning ability of the sphincter and requirement of the colon and ileum. Moreover, age matters a lot in this operation. The IAR procedure needs two to three surgeries; thus, every patient cannot survive it.

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