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Going Back To Work After Ileostomy Surgery

After ileostomy surgery, you can begin to get back to your routine life, which includes physical activity, diet, and going back to work. In this article, we will talk about how you can get back to work after ostomy surgery.

If you think that you do not have enough energy to start full-time work, you can talk to your employer about the possibility of starting part-time and adding hours until they make the job full-time. You can also talk about the resources available to help you with your condition while you adapt to the work environment with your ostomy situation. You can bring a letter from your doctor to better explain your condition to your employer.

The best approach is to make an appointment with your supervisor. During this meeting, you can discuss with them what they can expect from you during the next couple of months. You may need to discuss your particular needs, such as long breaks and late arrival, and explain to them you have these particular needs.

You may want to discuss with your doctor regarding when to get back to work if your job requires physical exertion. They will examine your condition and tell you whether or not you are likely to suffer the consequences of lifting heavy objects. They will also tell you about the maximum weight you can carry. One of the consequences that people with ostomy suffer from after carrying heavy objects is the herniated stoma. Your doctor may suggest you use a hernia belt or stoma guard to prevent such conditions.

A few tips that may help you get back to your work with convenience include the following.

  • Pay attention to the clothes that you are going to wear during working hours. You may not want to wear tight clothes due to their ability to squeeze the bag to cause leakage or flowing of the stomal output back into the stoma. You might have to say goodbye to tight pants. Instead, you can wear pants that have an elastic belt.
  • If walking takes a lot of energy for you, you can consider applying for a temporary handicapped parking pass.
  • If your ostomy care regimen requires you to take medication, make sure that you have got a few medicines in your office desk drawer. It will help you prevent the trouble of rushing back home if you need your medication on an emergency basis.
  • Keep extra ostomy supplies in your desk drawer. It will help you deal with the leakage.
  • You may also want to keep a heating pad in your desk drawer if the sore abdomen is your issue.

These tips will hopefully help you to remain comfortable when you go back to work. You can talk to your ostomy care nurse about the thing you need to do to remain comfortable at your workplace.